TDP Party

Kadapa Assembly has become a tough nut to crack for TDP since 2004. YS Rajasekhara Reddy tactically brought up a Muslim Candidate here and won two elections on a trot.

Jagan followed a similar strategy and won twice with Amzath Basha Shaik Bepari. He is also made the Deputy Chief Minister.

But then, the highheadedness of the Deputy CM’s brother has become a problem in the constituency.

As a result, the Hindus in the constituency are feeling insecure.

At this time, Chandrababu tactically brought up a Hindu Woman candidate for the Kadapa Assembly.

Madhavi Latha is the candidate while her husband Srinivas Reddy is the candidate for Kadapa Parliament.

The Deputy CM’s brother abused them very badly in the Police Station last week and that has become the talk of the Kadapa constituency. This incident only worsened the insecurity of the Hindus under the Deputy CM.

As a result, Kadapa constituency doors have opened for TDP for the first time since 2004.

Since the inception of TDP until 2004, TDP won this seat four times in the five elections. So, if TDP wins in 2024, it will be a comeback.