Kadapa-YSRCP-Balija-CommunityBalija leaders of YSR Congress in Kadapa have sat for a meeting in the town expressing their displeasure about not getting due recognition in the party.

“We have worked so much and carried the party flag in times of distress. We are continuously neglected in the party and Government posts while Reddy leaders walk away with everything,” they say.

However, they say they will remain loyal to the party. The disappointment has been for quite some time but the recent discussions over YSRCP Kadapa City President have pushed them to the edge.

The dissent in CM’s native district itself is an indication of how Reddy’s favoritism in the YSR Congress.

“The social justice is being maintained only for the namesake but a vast majority of the nominated posts are going to CM’s community leaving the foot soldiers of other communities high and dry. This will have serious repercussions in the elections,” Political experts say.

Balijas’ population is the highest and deciding factor in Kadapa and other Rayalaseema districts.