Katipally VenkataRamana Reddy BJP

Katipalli Venkataramana Reddy (KVR) created a sensation not only in the state but also in the country with his victory in the assembly elections. Winning as an MLA in Kamareddy against strong contenders like KCR and Revanth Reddy was not a casual and simple feat.

During YSR’s tenure as the CM, KVR served as the Chairman of the Zilla Parishad in the joint Nizamabad district, excelling in various businesses. In the recent assembly elections, KVR presented his own manifesto to the public.

KVR operates a CBSE syllabus school in Kamareddy and is involved in real estate business in Kamareddy, Hyderabad, and Bengaluru. It is reported that he owns commercial buildings in these two cities.

With these credentials, he presented his own manifesto to the public in this election. However, his success is not merely attributed to financial resources; there was a five-year struggle behind it.

He pledged to develop Kamareddy with his personal funds amounting to Rs. 150 crores and provide free education and medical care to the people. KVR committed to building a corporate hospital in each mandal center of the constituency, along with a multi-specialty hospital, corporate school, and college in Kamareddy district center.

He declared that he would implement this manifesto regardless of winning or losing as an MLA. A special book detailing the manifesto was created and distributed to every house in the constituency.

Venkataramana Reddy actively participated in the movement with farmers on the Kamareddy Master Plan. Upon filing complaints with enforcement and vigilance officials regarding land grabs, irregularities, and corruption in the municipality, an inquiry was conducted.

The agitations persisted for 45 days against the Kamareddy Master Plan, leading the government to cancel it. As a result, the farmers affected by the master plan and the people of the respective villages rallied behind Venkata Ramana Reddy in this election.