KCR Not To Repeat Jagan's Mistake!YS Jagan Mohan Reddy had tried to introduce compulsory English medium in government schools. But the decision was blocked by the High Court since it is unconstitutional. We have seen YSR Congress blaming the Opposition and the courts for it.

Meanwhile, the Telangana cabinet also took a similar decision and appointed a cabinet sub-committee to finalize the modalities to implement the decision from the next academic year. But then, the buzz is that KCR is not going to do the mistake of Jagan.

Telangana is going to offer English & Telugu medium instruction in government schools and the parents will be given a choice to make. Telugu medium schools will not be gone. English medium is already being offered in about 3,000 government high schools and about 6,000 government upper primary and primary schools in Telangana.

This is precisely what the Opposition has demanded in Andhra Pradesh but Jagan Government, for some reason, is adamant not to give an option for the parents. That is the key reason why the court struck the policy of the Government. The official announcement will be made by the Government once the sub-committee submits its report.