Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao addressed a Public meeting in Manukonduru, Karimnagar district. Lashing at Congress’s slogan of bringing Indiramma Rajyam, KCR invoked NT Ramarao.

“If Indiramma Rajyam is so good, Why did NT Ramarao have to start the Telugu Desam Party? There is not even food in Indiramma Rajyam. Only after NTR started 2 Rupees Kilo Rice, stomaches of the poor got filled. Until then, there are people who ate half of the days and slept on empty stomachs on half of the days,” KCR said.

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KCR invoked NT Ramarao and spoke high about him when he needed to hit his rival, Congress.

But what did KCR do to the Legendary man? The same KCR did not speak a word when the greatman’s daughter, Bhuvaneshwari was character assassinated in the Andhra Pradesh Assembly.

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The fact that finding wrong with YSR Congress may benefit Chandrababu stopped KCR from responding. In that case, is that called true admiration or respect towards the Legend?

Okay, let us discount that as well. Why did he at least stop his party leaders from responding in favor of the YSR Congress on that issue?

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His Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav spoke in a TV interview as if speaking about Bhuvaneshwari in such foul language is not wrong. Talasani even gave a benefit of the doubt to the YSR Congress even in that issue.

KCR just uses the Telugu Desam Party for political benefit. He takes the names of NTR and TDP just for the sake of the votes of that party or for hitting the Congress Party. And once the polling concludes on November 29th, we will see a different KCR altogether.