KCR_ ZPTC_MPTC_MaharastraTelangana CM and BRS chief KCR has set out on an ambitious effort of going big in the national politics. Now he is set to spearhead his first election outside Telangana after floating BRS.

KCR has decided to contest in Maharashtra ZPTC and MPTC elections that are due to be held soon.

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KCR held a lengthy meeting with BRS’s key leaders r Balka Suman, Jogu Ramanna, Godam Nagesh of Adilabad district and instructed them to prepare for the forthcoming local body elections in Maharashtra.

Apparently, KCR has decided to field MPTC and ZPTC candidates in each and every segment across Maharashtra which is indeed a bold move for a newly launched party.

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After the Holi festival is done, BRS troops will be extensively touring in Maharashtra for the ZPTC and MPTC elections.

KCR has reportedly asked his troops to explain to Maharashtra people about the welfare schemes that are being implemented in Telangana in order to gain their trust and eventually the votes. The BRS chief has also appointed a BRS in-charge for each 2-3 constituencies across Maharashtra.

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