KTR-Responds-On-Telangana-State-Election-2023-ScheduleThe arrest of Chandrababu Naidu in the AP skill development scam is the most talked about topic in the Telugu states. Incidentally, there have been a handful of protests in Telangana as well, with the IT folk revolting against the arrest of CBN.

Coming to the topic, BRS main man KTR has now passed his first comment in the context of CBN’s arrest and here’s what he had to say.

“What is happening with Chandrababu garu in AP is a clash of wits between two political parties. It has no consequence in Telangana and its people. So there is no need for me to comment on it” KTR stated.

About the rallies in Telangana in support of CBN, KTR stated “What happens in AP stays in AP. How can a political incident AP have protests in Telangana? We run the government here and we are responsible for the law and order enforcement. We will not let that happen. They can go to AP and protes as much as they want” KTR stated.