KTR Targets 3 FilmsFor a while now, the BJP-led central government has been facing negative campaign for nurturing a select few films that align with their political interests.

The same has been pointed out in a fierce and straightforward manner by BRS main man KTR who took them to the cleaners.

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“Why was this Modi elected to power and given the prime minister post? Is it to make cheap propaganda films like Kashmir Files, Kerala Story, and this Razakar?” KTR stated.

“We are slowly forgetting the wounds from 75-76 years, and then this BJP comes with this Razakar film that provokes violence by showcasing the incidents between Hindus and Muslims that happened in the 1940s and 50s. BJP’s Gudur Ravinder Reddy is producing this film and it is a cheap attempt at Telangana political landscape” KTR pointed out.

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KTR added that “Modi promised to have bullet trains by 2022 and take India’s economy to 5 trillion, but what is doing? He is giving cheap films like Kashmir Files, Kerala Story and Razakar.”

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