KTR's US Trip Works, US Company Opens Branch In HyderabadTelangana IT and Industries Minister, K Taraka Ramarao visited California-based EV car maker, Fisker’s headquarters in Manhattan Beach during his US trip and pitched Hyderabad to them.

The carmaker has now opened its India headquarters in Hyderabad. Fisker has been considering various options but after KTR’s visit and presentation, they have finalized Hyderabad.

The Hyderabad arm of the company will focus on the areas of software development, embedded electronics, virtual vehicle development support functions, data analytics and machine learning.

It will assist the production of the all-electric Fisker Ocean SUV which will commence in November 2022 in Austria. The company is also evaluating the launch of the SUV in India.

The facility for now will create around 200 potential jobs in India and the hiring of local employees is already underway.

It will potentially create more jobs if they were to launch the SUV in India.