Lokesh PadayatraNara Lokesh is making news with his Yuva Galam Padayatra. The walkathon which started today will go on for 400 days covering 4000 Kilometers. The longest Padayatra in Telugu history comes at a time when there are obvious signs of anti-incumbency in the Jagan Government.

On expected lines, Sakshi, the mouthpiece of YSR Congress is feeling the heat.

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It is churning out negative stories on the Padayatra.

The other day, Sakshi carried a story that TDP is spending 10 Crore for the first day of Padayatra to bring people.

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Today there is a story saying that Chandrababu is instigating the cadre to create violence and law and order issues so that there is media coverage and public attention for the Padayatra.

The story is given in a way as if it is a public statement of Chandrababu Naidu.

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YSR Congress social media has started negative propaganda with Taraka Ratna saying that he fainted because of the Padayatra happening in narrow lanes and are stressing the importance of G.O. No.1.

But the fact is that Taraka Ratna fainted in a Dargah where Lokesh is offering prayers. It has got nothing to do with the Padayatra. Moreover, the Padayatra roadmap has been approved by Chittoor Police.

We will see more of them from Sakshi and YSRCP IT cell in days to come and it is very much expected.