P Chidambaram

Telangana Congress believes it has fair chances of coming to power for the first time after the state formation. But loose Tongue comments are derailing the party‘s campaign unnecessarily.

All that started with Revanth Reddy a few months back. Supposed to be Congress‘s celebrated orator, Revanth Reddy at TANA went on to say 24 hours free power is unnecessary for farmers and three hours of the same is pretty much enough.

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BRS launched a huge campaign against Congress showing them anti-farmers and it has hurt the Grand Old Party significantly. This is totally an unnecessary comment for a party in the Opposition.

And we have too many contenders for the CM post. We have seen the likes of Komatireddy Venkat Reddy and Madhu Yashki Goud expressing interest on the CM post during the election campaign adding weightage to the criticism that too many CM candidates making Congress unstable.

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And then there is Former Union Minister Chidambaram who came all the way from Delhi to mess it up. He apologized for the deaths that happened during the Telangana movement.

BRS has put up hoardings across the state asking people to kill Congress that killed our children during the agitation. This is like who asked for Chidambaram‘s apology now.

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Congress leaders from Delhi to Gully should watch their tongue if they were to have any chances of impressing the voters.