The candidacy of the Telugu Desam, Janasena, and BJP alliance in Avanigadda Constituency, which has been a topic of discussion in Krishna district for the past month, has come to a standstill. After much debate, the TDP leadership council is widely spreading the word that there is a discussion underway to invite Buddhaprasad to join Janasena and stand as the candidate of the alliance.

Today, there is a discussion in Pithapuram that he will join the party under the leadership of Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. In Avanigadda constituency, there is a significant discussion that Telugu Desam Party in-charge councilor Buddhaprasad is joining the Janasena party.

At this moment, there is a strong campaign in the constituency indicating that the chief leaders of Janasena and Telugu Desam parties want to invite Buddhaprasad to Janasena and grant him a ticket due to the large number of candidates hoping for candidature in Janasena party and their lack of political experience.

It is learned that on Sunday evening, Mandali Buddha Prasad called the main leaders of the Telugu Desam Party to his house and explained about the invitation from both Telugu Desam and Janasena parties to contest as an alliance candidate. It is reported that the main leaders of both parties have asked to make a decision, as they are encouraging him to join the Jana Sena party.

TDP sources say that Pawan Kalyan will join the party along with him in the campaign event being held in Pithapuram at 11 am on Monday. Party leaders say that his candidature will be officially finalized as soon as he joins the Janasena party.