Raajadhani Files Trailer Views

There is a strong belief that the mood of the state will be revealed through films with political themes released just before the elections.

Looking back at the last term when Chandrababu Naidu lost, nothing worked in his favor. Even though NTR: Mahanayakudu was decently made, it turned into a disaster. The second part also faced a similar fate, despite not having a single dialogue against YS Jagan. The public mood was leaning towards YS Jagan and his party.

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Now, Mahi V Raghav, who previously directed the propaganda film Yatra, is back with Yatra 2 to trick voters. However, the trailer and the film are struggling to gain minimum attention, evident from the low trailer views. Additionally, there is no OTT buyer for this film so far, despite desperate attempts to sell it.

YS Jagan’s U-turn on Amaravati will be a black mark in the history of Andhra Pradesh, as Jagan will be remembered for making the state capital less state and backing out on Amaravati for his political gains which effected crores of people.

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The rest is history, including the abuse and insults faced by Amaravati farmers who have been dragged to the roads. These farmers could have never imagined their lives turning into something like this for the political gains of a single man.

Now, right before the elections, Telugu One head Kantamaneni Ravi Shankar presented the struggles of Amaravati farmers and how they were cheated. The trailer of Raajadhani Files quickly received massive response, indicating the mood of the public.

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Raajadhani Files trailer views surpassing Yatra 2 trailer views within 24 hours, reflecting the mood of the public, according to political experts.

Raajadhani Files will be hitting screens on Feb 15th.