Nara Lokesh - BalakrishnaTDP General Secretary Nara Lokesh has toured Anantapur and lent his support to the students of the SSBN College who were lathi charged for agitating against G.O. Number 42 which brings down the age-old Aided Educational institutions system in the state.

Lokesh has set a deadline of one week for the Government to withdraw the G.O. “Let the police bring Lathi or Lorry, this movement will be Unstoppable until the G.O. Number 42 is completely withdrawn,” Lokesh announced. We do not know if he invoked ‘Unstoppable’ intentionally or unintentionally but it has invoked a massive response.

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Unstoppable is the latest Talkshow of Lokesh’s father-in-law, Nandamuri Balakrishna for Aha Video, the leading OTT Platform. The show is making a massive noise everywhere. Lokesh’s mention about the word itself has got a huge response.

Meanwhile, this issue of bringing down the aided-colleges is evoking massive negative response from students and other sections. But then, the Government is adamant about it since it does not want to do what the Opposition wants.

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