The Talks between the TDP and the BJP are nearing a conclusion but then, the problems in the alliance are still not over.

BJP reportedly agreed to give Narasapuram MP seat to TDP which will in turn accommodate Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.

Sources say that the BJP is asking its current Narasapuram candidate to be accommodated in the Undi Assembly constituency. Undi is a stronghold of the TDP but there is a clash between sitting MLA and former MLA there.

If Narasapuram BJP candidate is given Undi, the seat will become complicated.

Undi is likely to be a gone-case if BJP gets the seat.

BJP is asking to exchange the Jammalamadugu Assembly Seat with the Kadapa Parliament.

BJP believes it will win Kadapa easily with the support of the alliance and if Sharmila splits YSR Congress’ Vote-bank.

But if the Kadapa Parliament ticket is given to the BJP, Muslims in the Assembly segments of Kadapa may get offended and may become counter-productive.

There is a significant Muslim population in seats like Kadapa, Proddaturu, and Mydukuru. TDP has a fair chance to win these seats and they will be gone if BJP contests for Kadapa Parliament.

Regarding Anaparthy, the BJP did not yet take a decision but two options arose in the talks.

Anaparthy may be given to TDP (Nallamilli Ramakrishna Reddy). The other option is to have Nallamilli’s wife join the BJP and become the candidate of Anaparthy to pacify Nallamilli’s group.

The final announcement regarding Narasapuram MP, Kadapa MP, and Anaparthy Assembly is likely on Monday.