Maloth Kavitha Patnam Suneetha Mahender Reddy Athram Suguna DK Aruna Madhavi Latha

The parliament recently approved a bill introducing a 33% reservation for women in elections, set to take effect from the 2029 General Elections.

However, the current situation appears disappointing for women participating in this year’s elections, particularly in Telangana. Across all 17 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state, only six candidates are competing in the polls from the three major political parties.

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Congress’s Kadiyam Kavya (Warangal), Patnam Suneetha Mahender Reddy (Malkajgiri), Athram Suguna (Adilabad), BRS’s Maloth Kavitha (Mahabubabad), BJP’s DK Aruna (Mahbubnagar) and Madhavi Latha (Hyderabad) are the six women who are representing the three major parties in the upcoming General elections.

This trend showcases the concerning state of affairs for female representatives in Telangana. Hopefully, the implementation of the 33% reservation in 2029 may lead to a more favourable scenario for women leaders.

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