In the upcoming elections counting results, some candidates might win by large margins, but in many constituencies, the victories could be by small margins. This situation is causing concern among candidates because of the potential impact of NOTA (None of the Above) votes.

Everyone is eagerly awaiting the election results. Major parties have been making predictions about their candidates’ chances of winning. They have analyzed polling patterns and are confident about their victories.

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However, there is also a discussion about the influence of NOTA votes on election results.

The Election Commission urges voters to exercise their voting rights and choose the most competent candidate. If no candidate appeals to them, voters can select the NOTA option.

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In the 2014 elections, NOTA votes were not significant, but in the last elections, they increased significantly.

If NOTA votes increase again in the current elections, it might affect the results, making candidates and political parties anxious.

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For example, in Anakapalli and Alluri Sitarama Raju districts, NOTA votes rose from 14,457 in 2014 to 48,621 in 2019.

Officials note that in tribal areas, illiteracy leads to many people voting for NOTA unknowingly.

In Araku, the NOTA votes in the 2019 elections were second highest nationwide.

This increase in NOTA votes has made political parties worried about the impact on their chances of winning.

In some constituencies, the difference between the winning and losing candidates’ votes was smaller than the number of NOTA votes.

For instance, in the Chodavaram constituency in 2014, the winning candidate’s margin was less than the NOTA votes. If this trend continues, it could change the election outcomes.