The election process has gotten underway in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. In the case of Telangana elections, film stars stepped out early in the day to cast their votes in the ongoing parliamentary elections.

Incidentally, NTR too stepped out to vote at the Jubilee Hills polling station and something interesting happened here.

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NTR was seen wearing a blue colored shirt while coming out to cast his vote and this immediately gave raise to an orchestrated campaign by the YCP batch.

After seeing NTR wear a blue shirt, the YCP batch on social media started claiming that this is an indirect signal from NTR to vote for YSR Congress in AP, considering that the blue color palette is associated with YCP. They are sharing NTR’s photos in the blue shirt and pushing their narrative that NTR is endorsing YCP.

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As silly as it may sound, several YCP affiliated handles are propagating this illogical narrative on social media. While in reality, NTR came out to vote in the Lok Sabha election in Telangana and he is not even bothered about AP.