World-First-Sex-TournamentIt is common to see global sports events. Some of the most famous sports include Football, Cricket, Basketball, and others. But cut to now, we are set to see a strikingly new tournament.

The said tournament, as staggering as it may sound, is a sex tournament that is scheduled to be held from the 8th of June in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Sweden has pronounced sex as an official sport and related tournaments will be taking center stage in the country from the aforementioned date.

Anyone can take part in these sex tournaments which will be judged by a group of experts and commoners. The couples can be of any gender preference.

The couples will have to take part in the tournaments 6 hours a day and they will be judged on the basis of different categories like prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, artistic presentation, and others.

This tournament should surely draw some great attention from a sizeable portion of internet users. If it is live streamed, then the viewership could hit the roof.