Opinion: Vijayendra Prasad RS Seat Doubles Kadupu MantaPresident of India had nominated four persons to Rajya Sabha on the recommendation of the Government of India. Ilaiyaraja, Vijayendra Prasad, PT Usha, and Virendra Hegde are those nominated.

Vijayendra Prasad is the father of SS Rajamouli and the writer behind very successful films like Baahubali, RRR, and Dangal, Bajrangi Bhaijaan, etc.
Besides such films, he also made films on National heroes like Jhansi Lakshmi Bai.

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Ever since Vijayendra Prasad‘s name has been announced, there is a smear campaign about how he is ineligible.

The hate analysis that started during the release of RRR is still continuing. Their analysis say Vijayendra Prasad has no popular track record for decades together and he only writes stories for Big Production Houses.

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They even go on to say he is a Businessman more that an artiste. Yes, it’s true that Vijayendra Prasad charges money for his stories and so do Ilaiyaraja or anyone. There is nothing wrong in that.

Vijayendra Prasad did not start his career selling stories to big production houses. He reached this position by hard work and talent delivering India’s biggest blockbusters.

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He did not have a golden spoon beginnings and struggled to reach this position.

There are also allegations of distorting history but that is again ‘Randi Rona’ against RRR success which defied all odds to become a 1000 Crore plus film and is winning accolades across the globe.

While most allegations are answered, there should be a justification of why Vijayendra Varma deserves a Rajya Sabha seat.

He is one of the reasons for the success of some of the very big films which made huge money. Due to this films, 1000s of people and their families got employment. These films have helped the entire ecosystem of cinema survive.

Today the scale of Indian Cinema has increased post the Baahubali series. The success has inspired a Kannada film like KGF 2 harbor Pan-India dreams.

What RRR is doing with international audiences will open new avenues for Indian Cinema in the coming days. Vijayendra Prasad definitely played a part in this.

People who ignore this and spew venom nothing but are green with jealousy maybe because of the super success of Rajamouli’s family or because of their community. Nothing but the proverbial Kadupu Manta in Telugu.

Joseph Reddy