Pawan Kalyan

It is official that TDP will be contesting 151 seats while Janasena will be in the fray for the remaining 24 seats in the upcoming elections. These numbers may change a bit if BJP joins the alliance.

To begin with, TDP announced 94 candidates and Janasena announced five seats.

‘Five’ is the lucky number of Pawan Kalyan. So, only five candidates were announced even though there are more confirmed names. Pawan Kalyan did not even announce his own seat.

But then, withholding the announcement has emerged as a big blunder.

While the debates and arguments around the twenty-four seats are unavoidable, Pawan Kalyan gave a chance for Blue Media and others to point out that he is someone who can not confirm his own seat.

YSR Congress leaders are mocking Pawan Kalyan saying that he is awaiting Chandrababu’s clearance for his own seat.

Meanwhile, there is speculation that Pawan Kalyan did not announce his seat fearing that Jagan Mohan Reddy would use money and muscle to try and defeat him and so Pawan Kalyan would announce his seat only closer to the election.

This version also portrays Pawan Kalyan as weak and confidence-lacking. Pawan Kalyan is allowing it to thrive with this delay.

Pawan Kalyan should immediately correct this blunder and announce his seat.

Sources say that it is almost confirmed that Pawan Kalyan will be contesting from Bhimavaram, a seat where he lost with just 8,357 votes. TDP candidate Pulaparthi Ramanjaneyulu got 54,037 votes. It is likely that he will win with a majority of a minimum of 30,000 votes this time with the alliance.