Ever since he decided to contest from Pithapuram, Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan has effectively taken charge of the constituency.

Along with his party leaders and with the support of Pithapuram TDP in-charge SVSN Varma, he has been actively engaging with the local people and earning their support.

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Though the election results are yet to be declared, Jana Sena leaders are already at work and are acting as the pillars of support for the people in the constituency.

Recently, local Jana Sena leader Cheppula Nani died in an accident at the Vannepudi junction. Upon Pawan Kalyan’s instructions, JSP leaders provided financial assistance to Nani’s family on Monday.

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Jana Sena’s Pithapuram in-charge Marreddy Srinivas, along with local leaders Mogali Venkata Srinivas, Gaddam Sandeep, Parla Uma, Subrahmanyam, and Anil, visited the grieving family and gave a cheque for Rs. 1 lakh.

On top of that, Jana Sena leaders raised Rs. 1.94 lakhs through social media, friends, and other party members, and handed over that amount to Nani’s family.

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JSP leaders expressed that Nani had been a dedicated worker for Jana Sena for the past 10 years, and added that his contributions will always be remembered. They affirmed to constinue their support for Nani’s family.