SVSN Varma

SVSN Varma promised victory to both Chandrababu Naidu and Pawan Kalyan when the Pithapuram seat was allotted to PK.

Doubts arose about Varma’s commitment to Pawan’s victory, given his strong leadership and the implications of Pawan winning the MLA seat. Varma stated, “I’m a Chandrababu disciple, like a Talibani, and I will follow whatever CBN says.”

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True to his word, Varma handled the entire local election campaign, despite YS Jagan’s ego-driven attempts to defeat Pawan Kalyan.

Reports now suggest that Pawan Kalyan’s record majority is almost confirmed, paving the way for his first term in the assembly.

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Mega fans on social media are expressing gratitude to TDP leader Varma, as they feared Jagan would go to any lengths to defeat their beloved leader, especially after Pawan’s previous losses.

Varma’s straightforward approach and work ethic, without flattery even towards a big movie star like Pawan Kalyan, have greatly impressed PK fans.

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Varma’s couple of videos also went viral during the election campaign, where PK is seen screaming from the roof and Varma standing next to him giving confused looks at Pawan Kalyan while he attempts to dance.

Janasainiks will remember Varma for life for making their dream come true when Pawan Kalyan’s victory is announced on June 4th.