Pawan Kalyan

The Pithapuram assembly constituency has become a hot topic in these general elections because Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan is contesting here this time.

Since the announcement of Pawan’s candidacy in Pithapuram, media and public attention has been focused on this constituency.

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The polling was concluded, and Pithapuram saw a massive voter turnout of 86.63%. Now, everyone is eager to know who will win this seat, Pawan or YCP’s candidate Vanga Geetha?

Meanwhile, a long-standing sentiment in Pithapuram is favouring Pawan in these elections. Since 1989, no party or leader has registered consecutive wins in this constituency.

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In 1989, Congress candidate Koppana Venkata Chandra Mohanarao won the seat. He was followed by TDP’s Venna Nageswara Rao in 1994, Independent Sangisetty Veera Bhadra Rao in 1999, BJP’s Pendem Dorababu in 2004, Praja Rajyam’s Vanga Geetha in 2009, Independent SVSN Varma in 2014, and YCP’s Pendem Dorababu in 2019.

Going by this pattern, Pawan Kalyan may win this time in this constituency. On top of that, the majority of voters in this region are from his Kapu community and it will be an advantage for him.

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Out of 2.29 lakh voters in Pithapuram, 1,15,717 are men and 1,13,869 are women. Among them, approximately 75,000 belong to the Kapu community, 20,000 to Mala, 8,000 to Madhiga, 23,000 to Shetty Balija, 17,000 to the fishermen community, 16,000 to Padmashali, 10,000 to Reddy, 9,000 to Koppula Velama, 7,000 to Thoorpu Kapu, and 6,000 to the Kshatriya community.

With record voter turnout in this constituency, it’s crucial to see which candidate these communities have supported. However, ground reports and even the mentioned sentiment suggest that Pawan Kalyan’s victory here seems inevitable.

The results of the Indian General Elections will be announced on June 4.