BRS Party is missing Chandrababu Naidu more than ever in the ongoing Telangana Elections campaign. Chandrababu Naidu did them a big favor in the 2018 election by allying with Congress and by campaigning in Telangana.

KCR brought out the Telangana card once again and won the election comfortably.

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But then, BRS is missing Chandrababu Naidu now and its social media seems to be trying hard to bring the Telangana Card once again.

They unleashed a campaign saying that TDP flags have appeared in Revanth Reddy’s Kodangal meeting. They are saying that Chandrababu will become the shadow CM if Congress is elected.

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BRS is being vocal about TDP’s support to Congress and may be unintentionally helping Congress.

Telugu Desam Party withdrew from Telangana elections and did not support any party to date.

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TDP flags not only appeared in Congress meetings, but they also appeared in the BJP-Janasena campaign in some places.

By the virtue of TDP and Janasena alliance in AP, Janasena is trying to woo the Kamma community and TDP supporters by using TDP flags in their campaign.

It is also the case with Congress, Revanth Reddy’s relationship with Chandrababu is being leveraged to get some benefit.

We have even seen KTR speaking sweet words about Chandrababu and calling Lokesh his young brother in media interviews to woo Seemandhra voters.

The bottom line is its a fact that TDP did not announce support to any political party.

Until Chandrababu or Lokesh openly speak in support of any party, these flags or opinions of anyone hardly matter.