PK In AP & TS: To Break A Friendship & Make A Friendship?Political Strategist Prashant Kishor reportedly made an offer to work for the Congress party.

He is basically expecting a free hand to make radical changes in the party organization and in return promises to bring all regional parties under one roof.

Congress which is severely battered right now has no option but to agree to this proposal.

Prashant Kishor taking Congress’s side will have an impact on Telugu politics as well.

YSR Congress and TRS are working with Prashant Kishor right now.

KCR had inflicted a lot of damage to Congress after 2014 but may have to take the party’s help if needed to stop the surge of BJP.

With PK entering Congress, it is more or less confirmed that TRS and Congress may go for a post-poll alliance.

In Andhra Pradesh, it remains to be seen if PK can break the secret friendship between Jagan and BJP.

Even if Jagan is not in favor of joining hands with Congress, it is important to alienate BJP. Reducing friends is as good as downsizing BJP for the position Congress is in today.

If PK is successful in that, will BJP move towards TDP once again?

The coming days are going to be very interesting in Telugu politics and also National politics.