Srikalahasti MLA Biyyapu Madhusudhan Reddy

YCP is moving with the narrative of lapping up Yatra 2, a propaganda film on YS Jagan. A special show of the film was screened for YCP MLAs in Vijayawada last night.

After the show, YCP MLA from Kalahasti Biyyapu Madhusudhan Reddy spoke with the media and he made a set of wild comments. While saying that Yatra 2 is as good as Baahubali 2, he spoke about the Rajadhani Files film that is made with the oppression on the Amaravati movement as the main plot.

“What will the capital do? Will it feed you? Rajadhani Kudu Pedutunda? What is there in Amaravati, is it the two bathrooms that were built there? Jagan is taking care of the people of AP, there is nothing to worry” the MLA said.

The fact that a sitting MLA questioned what is the need of the capital, and whether it will feed the public is evidently drawing a polar response on social media and expectedly so.

The MLA said Yatra 2 is as good as Baahubali 2 and said this film will remind the public about the kind of man Chandrababu is and it will propel people to vote for YCP.