The Telugu diaspora is yet to digest the fact that Ramoji Rao is no more. Such was the impact he had on the hearts of the Telugu people.

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Telugu Desam Party’s chief, Nara Chandrababu Naidu, shared a close relationship with Ramoji Rao. Chandrababu, who was in Delhi this morning, rushed to Hyderabad upon hearing about Ramoji’s demise.

Meanwhile, many are unaware of the fact that the name of Andhra Pradesh’s capital city, Amaravati, was proposed by Ramoji Rao. Chandrababu himself revealed this fact during a public meeting. A old video of Naidu saying the same is now doing rounds on social media.

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At the event, Chandrababu mentioned that Ramoji Rao suggested the name “Amaravati” for Andhra’s capital city. Chandrababu liked the suggestion and asked many others for their opinion.

Everyone unanimously approved the name, and it eventually became the title for Andhra’s capital. “Whenever someone gives you valuable input, we should remember it throughout life,” stated Babu.

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That single suggestion from Ramoji Rao has now been etched in the history books of Andhra Pradesh.

Also people are saying that the strength of the name is as such that it withstood conspiracies to decimate it and will very soon regain its glory.

Meanwhile, people from various industries are paying their last respects to Ramoji Rao by visiting his mortal remains at Ramoji Film City. His final rites will be held tomorrow at the Film City.