RGV Cheap StuntRGV had taken the YCP bandwagon even before 2019 elections. He made films like Lakshmi’s NTR and Amma Rajyam lo Kadapa Biddalu just with the intention of troubling TDP and helping YCP.

He has now turned a full-time YCP agent and his latest set of tweets clearly imply the same. He has started to share posts against TDP’s Chandrababu and Lokesh. He is clearly siding with YCP.

Recently, RGV released a new set of pics from his upcoming film, Vyooham. He confirmed that these pics are of the actors who play YS Jagan and his wife Bharathi in the film. Needless to say, this is RGV’s YCP propaganda film.

But what RGV and YCP weren’t expecting is that TDP troops have used these pics share by RGV against his cause.

These pics are modified and shared in the context of CBI recently stating YS Jagan knew about Viveka’s murder even before it was announced publicly. TDP troops have cleverly edited the YCP propaganda-intended photos to their gain and mocked the YCP.

RGV’s cheap stunt has backfired in YCP’s face now and the set of pics shared by TDP troops are going viral on social media. RGV is trying to counter them, but this is in turn landing him in a deeper comical mess.