The National Crimes Record Bureau has released the list of the safest cities in India for the year 2022. Read on to know which position Hyderabad bagged in this list.

The safest city in India is Kolkata which has been attaining this position for the past 3 years. The city is seeing the lowest number of reported crimes in any major city in India.

Second comes Pune, followed by Hyderabad in the third place. Hyderabad has done reasonably well to stand in the third place.

On average, Kolkata has 86.5 reported crimes for every 1 lakh populous. Pune has 280.7 reported crimes per 1 lakh populous and the tally goes up to 299.2 cases for Hyderabad.

Maharashtra stands as the state with the highest number of public riot cases in all of India. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of murders while Rajasthan has the highest number of rape cases.