Sakshi Misleading People on Polavaram Facts?YSR Congress Media, Sakshi had published an article with a strange argument this morning. Sakshi alleged that due to Chandrababu Naidu’s eagerness for Commission, the State Exchequer is burdened by 9260.51 Crore. This is because the Center refused to reimburse 5135.87 Crore spent before 2014, the year in which Polavaram is recognized as the National Project.

Sakshi also said that Chandrababu Government wanted to construct the Hydel Project on its own for commissions which resulted in another 4124.64 Crore. This argument of Sakshi seems to be a blatant lie. Sakshi should blame the center for not bearing the project expense as a whole.

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TDP Government had demanded it previously and now the onus is on the Jagan Government. Also, taking up the Hydel Project itself is an excellent decision. The Central Government wanted to have all the Power for itself if it constructed the Project.

Hydel Power is the cheapest power in the market and Polavaram Hydel Project generates 960MW of Hydel Power. Losing it for a mere 4124.64 Crore is a foolish thought. Sakshi seems to be misleading its readers with such arguments.

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