Sankranthi_Andhra_Pradesh_LiquorOne of the main promises of current AP CM, Jagan, while he was in opposition, was to implement a complete liquor ban in the state. But the current developments tell a different story.

In fact, Andhra Pradesh has sold liquor worth Rs 213 crores in 3 days before Sankranthi. A whopping 2 lakh 33 thousand cases of liquor were sold in the state in the mentioned period. Out of which, 83,000 cases of beer were sold.

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The rooster fights and related entertainment activities are said to have propelled the liquor sales at an unusually high rate.

Not just that, it is also understood that liquor from Telangana and Karnataka is also said to have been pooled in as AP liquor consumption saw a new high this festival season.

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With today being Kanuma, a non-veg consumption day with regard to the festival, liquor sales could be on a new high. It is reported that all the liquor outlets across the state have recorded stellar sales.

Netizens are funnily commenting that AP finances could take a breather with the liquor sales in the state, something that Jagan promised to act against before becoming the CM.

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