YS-Jagan-DebtUnion Minister of State for Finance Pankaj Chowdhury said that the debt of the Andhra Pradesh state government has reached Rs.3,07,672 crore as of March 2020.

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He also said that the per capita debt of the people there is Rs.62,059. It is explained that the AP debt-GSDP ratio has reached 31.7%.

On Tuesday, BJP member K. Laxman asked the question in the Rajya Sabha to this extent. The Minister said that the per capita debt was calculated on the basis of the 2011 census.

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These are the numbers only of the loans taken by the state government.

The numbers will be at least three times more if pending bills to contractors, corporation loans, pending arrears to employees, etc are added to the list.

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According to the same proportion, the minister said Telangana state government debt is Rs. 2,25,418 crores as of March 2020, according to which the per capita debt is Rs. 64,398. Telangana’s debt-GSDP ratio was said to be 23.5%.