Tammineni Sitaram

Speaker Tammineni Sitaram is announced as the YSR Congress candidate for Amudalavalasa.

There is a sentiment in Andhra Pradesh politics that a leader who worked as a Speaker will lose the next election. Tammineni is already worried about this sentiment and Group Politics is making things much worse for Tammineni in Amudalavalasa.

Senior Leader Suvvari Gandhi was promised ticket here but was not given. Gandhi resigned to the party post and also made his brother’s wife resign to her nominated post. Gandhi is planning to contest as an independent.

Gandhi claims the high command cheated him. He says that he supported Tammineni in 2019 only after he was promised ticket in 2024. YV Subba Reddy tried to pacify Gandhi but to of no use. Gandhi belongs to the influential Kaalinga community and has good grip over Pondhuru Mandal.

He is maintaining his own group and is conducting party programs parallelly. But Jagan ignored it so long.

TDP candidate Kuna Ravikumar is BIL of Tammineni. Gandhi is urging people to vote for him so that the double-game political drama of Tammineni and Kuna will come to an end.

More and more second-rung leaders of YSR Congress are joining Gandhi against Tammineni.

Tammineni is already worried about the Speaker losing Sentiment and Gandhi contesting as an Independent will make things tougher for him.