The Election Commission issued orders barring volunteers from distributing pensions at villages in Andhra Pradesh. The EC asked the government to engage other government officials to disburse the pensions in the state.

However, the Chief Secretary of the state failed to make alternate arrangements, resulting in the delay of the pension distribution.

Meanwhile, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan took potshots at the CS and the YCP government for their failure to distribute pensions.

He pointed out that the YCP government can send government officials to sell his movie tickets at theatres but it is unable to find officials to distribute pensions to old-age individuals, widows and disabled persons.

Taking to the X, Pawan shared a couple of clippings and government notices from the past where the YCP leadership appointed revenue officers as in-charges at theatres that were screening Pawan’s “Bheemla Nayak”, to monitor the ticket rates.

He questioned what is stopping CM YS Jagan from showing the same spirit in distributing pensions to the beneficiaries.

“A gentle reminder of how your YCP Govt has sent GOVT officials to sell cinema tickets. In the same spirit, Why don’t you send the same officials to distribute old age pensions at their homes, as the Election Commission issued an order not to use volunteer services? What is stopping you, Chief Minister Jagan?” questioned Pawan.