Surprise: Sakshi Helps Chandrababu Big Time!Sakshi had aired an audio clip of Chandrababu Naidu talking to a local leader in Macherla about a protest against the alleged murder of a party worker, Chandraiah. For those who do not know, He was murdered in broad daylight after opponents slit his throat. Chandrababu attended his final rites and carried the mortal remains.

In the audio telecast on Sakshi TV, Chandrababu says it is a Ruling Party sponsored murder and speaks about the arrangements that need to be made for the protest.

Sakshi calls this a leak and says Chandrababu is caught redhanded planning arson in the state. But it looks like the channel got it terribly wrong. In the call, it is mentioned that around 16,000 cadre is on the call and it can not be a secret definitely.

The audio leak if anything did only help TDP. It shows how Chandrababu takes the murder of a small leader so seriously. Also, the TDP Supremo is seen speaking to a local leader in Macherla indicating how the former Chief Minister takes everyone in the party into confidence.

He also calls to come in big numbers and show the ruling party that they are not afraid of such acts. This is something Chandrababu already does in the public. No one will be surprised if he says something of such sort in a call. Probably, Sakshi wants to make something a sensation by calling it a sensation.

It can be called a leak at least if something untoward had happened at the final rites. But even with such a congregation, the protest has been peaceful. Maybe it is a leak because it is an internal call of the Telugu Desam Party and landed in the hands of Sakshi.