US Teachers with GunsA recent survey conducted in the United States revealed that 54% of teachers believe arming themselves would make schools less safe. However, 20% expressed interest in carrying guns to enhance safety.

White teachers were more supportive of arming than their Black colleagues, and male teachers in rural schools were willing to carry firearms. Approximately 550,000 teachers would choose to carry a gun if allowed. Bullying was a top concern for half of all teachers, while high school teachers worried about drugs and fights.

The survey also highlighted that approximately half of the teachers believed that physical security measures implemented in their schools, such as locks, ID badges, cameras, and security personnel, had a positive impact on the school climate. Only a small percentage (5%) felt that these measures had a negative effect.

In a separate survey conducted in the fall, 70% of school district leaders reported increased investments in school safety measures in response to the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which occurred in May 2022.

Security measures were seen as beneficial by 50% of teachers. Overall, teachers prioritize student safety over their own.