The Election Commission of India has banned exit polls until June 1st, marking the last day of the general elections across the country. In Andhra Pradesh, the elections were completed on May 13th, and the results are expected to be announced on June 4th. Despite the ban on exit polls, some survey organizations have conducted post-poll surveys in the state.

A private organization recently released its post-poll survey results for the Rayalaseema region, revealing surprising outcomes. The survey indicates that the TDP alliance has shown dominance over the ruling YSRCP in the region.
According to the survey:

  • TDP Alliance has an upper hand in Ananthapur and Chittoor.
  • YSRCP retains a tenuous hold in Kadapa and Kurnool.

The specific constituencies projected to be won are:

  • TDP Alliance: Chittoor, Hindupur, Ananthapur, and Tirupati.
  • YSRCP: Kadapa, Kurnool, Nandhyala, and Rajampet.

For the Assembly seats, the survey results suggest:

  • YSRCP might win 20 out of 52 Assembly constituencies.
  • TDP Alliance is likely to secure 27 seats.
  • There is a keen contest expected in 5 segments.
  • These post-poll survey results are causing significant discussion and speculation about the final outcomes, with the TDP alliance appearing to gain substantial ground in key areas of the Rayalaseema region.

District YSRCP TDP Fight

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Ananthapur 4 10 0
Kurnool 7 6 1
Kadapa 4 5 1
Chittor 4 7 3