revanth reddy bail delayTelangana Attorney General successfully managed to put off Revanth Reddy’s Bail Petition. AG Rama Krishna Reddy delayed the court proceedings till 2.15PM and made sure that there is no time to complete the case arguments today. Telangana AG asked the judge for two adjournments of the hearing earlier in the day.

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Revanth Reddy’s lawyer completed his arguments in half an hour time while Telangana’s Attorney General delayed the proceedings. Finally there was no time to complete the arguments of Attorney General. So the high court judge postponed the rest of the hearing and decision on the bail till Tuesday. If not for the two adjournments, the judgement would have been out today.

Revanth Reddy’s lawyer argued that the maximum punishment is 5 years and there are laws to give bail for the offences which will draw the maximum punishment less seven years. While Telangana AG argued that this case has grave consequences which may even trample the government. He argued that Revanth Reddy should not be released at this stage to avoid the tampering of the evidence.

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