Telangana Congress

Telangana Congress is doing Unique Advertisements in the Print and Electronic Media to impress the voters. Their TV ads have become the talk of both the Telugu States and are going viral on social media and WhatsApp.

Their Print Media Ads especially those towards the end of the campaign were very innovative.

The other day, they published a cartoon-like ad on the main pages of major Newspapers which became a talking point.

Today on the last day of the campaign, they unleashed yet another very interesting main-page advertisement.

They recreated the main page with major News of Government failures that were published in Newspapers in the last five years. Every News Item is handpicked to show how the KCR Government has failed.

The News related to issues like massive debt of Five Lakh Crore, Kavitha in Liquor Scam, Inflation, Farmers Suicides, Dalit Atrocities, Dharani failures, Kaleshwaram failure, Lack of Jobs, etc were picked.

The Government failures were displayed in one place and some voters may even fall for that Ad thinking of it as a real Main Page.

Others will find the Ad innovative and will also get to revise the Government failures that Congress is pointing out.