Telangana government is delivering shock after shock to settlers. It was first about the nativity rule and now the government directly hits APNGOs who played an active role in Samayikya Andhra movement. The government is contemplating to take away the assigned lands which were allocated to APNGOs in Gopannapally. In 1992, former Chief Minister Kotla Vijaya Bhaskar Reddy assigned 477 acres to NGOs who worked in Hyderabad. These lands exist under survey nos 36 and 37 in Ranga Reddy district.

Complaining that APNGOs are taking away their share employees from Telangana formed as association to prevent disputes in distributed lands. APNGOs got the quota of 189 acres as its share after they are given a share to Telangana NGOs. But TRS government wants to take away the lands as it feels APNGOs are not entitled to get a share in Telangana lands. Chief Minister KCR had already asked the Rangareddy collector to submit a detailed report regarding this. On the other side, APNGOs want to fight this issue in courts in case TRS government is doing revenge politics.