Telangana elections are just 9 days from now and the campaign is heating up at an alarming rate with the leading parties commissioning political meetings to attract the voters.

In a new development, it is being established that the sales of chicken and other meat have catapulted in view of the election campaign in Telangana.

As per reports, a top party leader from Mancherial has made it a habit to feed hundreds of people at his house every day. This MLA candidate from Mancherial is said to be ordering and preparing around 400 -500 kg chicken per day.

His house is said to be replicating a function hall every day with hundreds and on odd days, even thousands of people feeding there. The said politician is creating ripples with these non-veg meals at his house every day.

This is not just the case with Mancherial. The candidates from other constituents are also said to be ordering and preparing in the range of 100-200 KGs chicken per day and feeding their followers and also the public that turns out for their meetings.

It is estimated that up to 2 tonnes of chicken is being sold in Telangana each day, which is a staggering number in itself.