Telugu Guy Scams Elderly WomanAn Ocala woman lost $80,000 after she was scammed via an internet pop-up. However, she did make sure the two involved were arrested and put in jail. The scammers got in touch with the woman through an iPad pop-up saying that her device was compromised and provided a phone number.

When the 69-year-old called the provided number, she was told that her bank account had registered a $30,000 transaction for child pornography in China and that paying $30,000 within 12 hours would solve the problem.

The scammers claimed that they were from Wells Fargo, the Department of Treasury, and the Federal Communications Commission. The victim was asked to go to a gas station and transfer the money via BitCoin. However, she got a call the very next day that she was to put $50,000 in a paper bag and give it to a man who she later described looked like a Middle Eastern man with a goatee.

Ironically, the scammers called on the third day asking for $50,000, but this time, the police officers were waiting for them. They arrested Jayarami R Kurugantla, 25, and Parth R Patel, 33, on fraud charges.

However, both men denied knowing of any scam, and Kurugantla said he accompanied Patel as he promised $200 to drive from Tampa to Ocala for a meal. Patel maintained that he wanted to get a meal at Citrus Springs.

Upon further questioning, Patel gave in and said he was supposed to pick up a package, though he had no clue of the scam. He also showed a Whatsapp thread from a person in India providing step-by-step instructions.

The police have issued guidelines to the public asking them not to share money, financial and personal information in a short period of time. They also warned that the elderly were mostly targeted, though young people working at offices were also made victims. They further clarified that no agency has ever asked for BitCoin.