21-23 MPs Kutami

The clock is ticking very fast as the stage is set for the arrival of the exit poll survey results on the 1st of June. Prior to that, here is a report pertaining to the reputed Today’s Chanakya’s projection on the AP polling trends as revealed by Raghu Rama Krishna Raju.

Reportedly, Today’s Chanakya has informed RRR that the TDP-JSP-BJP alliance is affirmatively forming the government in Andhra Pradesh.

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According to the projection made by Chanakya, the Kutami will be winning 21-23 MP seats in the election. This will ensure a humongous win for the alliance in AP and the scale of the win could be as big as YCP’s win in 2019 given the projected numbers assessed by Today’s Chanakya.

As for Today’s Chanakya’s credibility, they earlier projected that AAP would win 89-114 seats in Punjab in the 2022 elections and the party ended up winning 91 seats. So, it is safe to say that the survey agency has a fair bit of credence associated with them.

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