Pithapuram commands the highest attention for any assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh as it has Pawan Kalyan in the contest. Cut to now, an interesting name related to Pithapuram polls is trending on social media now and it is “Varma garu”.

The reason why Varma garu is trending on social media now is that it has a lot to do with Pithapuram trends and the local TDP leader SVSN Varma.

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Incidentally, when Pawan first announced himself as the candidate from Pithapuram, there was an abusive wave from Varma’s cadre who initially thought this seat would go to Varma himself. Then there was a social media narrative done by JSP fans as CBN himself is behind Varma’s rebellion.

But later, upon the order from Chandrababu, Varma abided by the command and firmly fought for Pawan Kalyan. Varma’s fight for Pawan was to an extent where Pawan didn’t even come to Pithapuram to oversee the poll management as Varma took care of it.

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As a show of gratitude, PK’s fans are now trending the “Varma Garu” tag on Twitter. This has quickly become a popular trend in the social space.