It is official that TDP will be contesting 151 seats while Janasena will be in the fray for the remaining 24 seats in the upcoming elections.

To begin with, TDP announced 94 candidates and Janasena announced five seats. Janasena’s second list is expected later today.

While by and large, the Janasena supporters are happy with this seat-sharing. A small section that harbored unreasonable expectations was unhappy and was trying to create a ruckus.

They are blaming Nadendla Manohar for influencing and convincing Pawan Kalyan to take such a number of seats.

They are calling Manohar as a traitor. They are reminded how his father backstabbed NT Ramarao and he is doing the same to Pawan Kalyan.

Pawan Kalyan fans have this habit of blaming others for Pawan Kalyan’s decision.

We have seen them blame Trivikram Srinivas whenever Pawan Kalyan signs a project or when a film fails. The same is being carried into politics as well.

Pawan Kalyan is a matured adult. He is not what he is today without independent thinking. Saying Trivikram or Manohar are influencing him is an insult to Pawan Kalyan’s intellect.

Such rants will also have collateral damage. They are bringing questions in the minds of people if Pawan Kalyan does not have his own rational thinking and can not do anything without depending on others.

This small section of Pawan Kalyan fans should realize that and correct it immediately.