Harish Rao BRS bigwig Harish Rao has assumed the responsibility of targeting the Jagan-led AP government. And he has been aggressive at it.

Today, speaking at a public gathering in Kukatpally, Harish Rao went on to mock the AP government.

“These AP leaders speak a lot of words but they have no work to show for it. Vaalaki maatalu ekkuva chethalu thakkuva” Harish Rao said.

The BRS veteran went on to add that “they said Telangana will be torn to shreds if the state Is divided. They said naxals will rule the roost here. But today, Telangana is standing as the epitome of development in all of Indian.”

“In order to see the kind of progress Telangana has witnessed, one can go to Andhra Pradesh. You will clearly see the difference in magnitude of development” Harish Rao concluded.

Well, this will now obviously bring out a flurry of abusive comments from the AP ministers.