Mahi V Raghav aka Mahender Reddy has directed two propaganda films – Yatra and Yatra 2 for Jagan Mohan Reddy. The first one released before the 2019 release and the second one recently before the Elections.

It is the habit of Jagan to reward those who helped him from the Public Exchquer. Likewise it has been decided that he will gift two acres of Government land in Horsley Hills in the name of a Mini-Studio.

The file moved very fast and the survey also happened locally. At that stage, it has leaked to media and caused huge uproar. We have seen the director defend that in the garb of Rayalaseema development but there is no official statement by the Government.

Surprisingly the Government dropped this land allocation. The land is originally for a Sports Training Center.

The Government had issued a G.O. to resume the construction in 3.74 acres which also includes the land that was supposed to be gifted to Mahi V Raghav. The surprising thing here is what prompted this decision.

Usually, when Jagan want to reward his loyalists, no amount of criticism will stop him. So the question is what went wrong between Jagan and Mahi V Raghav? Yatra helped Jagan a bit as there is already a wave for YSR Congress before the 2019 Elections.

The situation is different now. Anti-incumbency is high on Jagan and that has reflected on Yatra 2 as well. The film bombed big time at the box office and is of no help to Jagan. Maybe the CM is upset with the director for it.

Probably he may have felt it is waste to reward or invest on Mahi V Raghav.