Pawan kalyan Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is taking oath as the Prime Minister for the third time today. Sources say that thirty Ministers will be swearing-in alongside him.

TDP is getting one cabinet and one MoS. Two from Telangana BJP are being given a chance.

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The buzz is that Narasapuram BJP MP Varma may get a chance but it is not clear yet. There are also reports that Daggubati Purandeshwari maybe made the Speaker in Lok Sabha.

Meanwhile, sources say Janasena will not get a chance.

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National Media is saying that only allies with more than five MPs are given a chance this time.

Janasena only has two MPs and so it will be missing the bus.

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But then, HD Kumaraswamy with just two MPs is taken into Union Cabinet. But BJP defends saying that it is a Pre-poll arrangement with JD(S) to sacrifice more seats to BJP in Karnataka.

Janasena should have been accommodated giving an exception.

Pawan Kalyan tried hard for BJP to join the alliance in Andhra Pradesh. Hence, the sixteen seats of TDP helped NDA to form the Government.

It is harsh to see Janasena as a two MPs party because the party registered a 100% strike rate in this election by winning 2/2 MPs and 21/21 MLA seats.

Taking Janasena into Modi’s cabinet would have strengthened the party.

The Prime Minister has high regard for Pawan Kalyan.

A clip from the meeting wherein PM Narendra Modi praises the actor-turned-politician has gone viral on the internet. Talking about him, the PM said, “Yeh Pawan nahi hai. Andhi hai.” (He is not wind, he is a storm). Whenever Pawan Kalyan speaks about Modi, we can clearly see him having the highest regard for the PM.

BJP should have made an exception for Pawan Kalyan but that is not the case.