Kodali Nani - Gudivada CasinoWe have seen videos of an organized casino flood social media during Sankranthi. The casino is alleged arranged in Kodali Nani‘s convention center in Gudivada. When the videos went viral on social media during Sankranthi, the Minister did not clarify about it or talk about it.

After Sankranthi is over, Nani came before the media on Friday and hurled choicest abuses on Chandrababu Naidu and Lokesh and alleged that Videos of elsewhere were peddled as Gudivada’s. He went on to challenge that he would commit suicide if it is proved that the casino happened in his convention center.

He also made some interesting comments. “Chandrababu’s pet media is eating his Pedigree and showing videos of elsewhere as from my convention center. Neutral media should find the facts and inform the people,” Kodali Nani said in his style.

Forget about Neutral media, if nothing of such sort happened, the minister should have taken Sakshi media to his convention center on the same day and showed nothing is happening there. We do not know if neutral media will help Nani or not. But Sakshi would have definitely helped.

Or the minister should have challenged and taken Chandrababu’s pet media when the allegation came up.